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New Water Meters Installed

Over 315 new, satellite-read water meters were installed this week to replace the 30 year-old meters. PWSD #1 is making the jump to a modernized water meter system.

The Board had discussed upgrading its water meter system for the past couple of years, and a decision was made in March, 2023 to leave their old analog system behind.

The Board is always looking for ways to be more efficient, and the biggest advantage to the new system is the efficiency.

With the old system, an employee would spend a couple long days walking from meter-to-meter recording water usage. The meter readings would be recorded into a book then typed into another program. There was always a possibility of a meter being misread or a number recorded incorrectly.

The digital system automates the entire process.

Now, each meter reports four times a day the amount of water used. If a meter records more than 12 hours of continuous water usage, an alert is sent to us and the homeowner. There is an APP which can be downloaded by homeowners to get this alert. Information about that APP will be forthcoming in a special mailing and posted on our website.

Another benefit of the system; water will be conserved rather than lost through leaks. So, instead of waiting 30 days to find out you have $1,000 water bill due to an undetected leak or someone left a hose running, you will know almost immediately.

In addition, the analog meters had slowed as they aged and were no longer providing accurate meter readings. The new meters will provide a better look at actual water usage throughout the community.

Finally, there will NOT be an increase in your water bill due to the new meters.  However, an increase may result from more accurate water usage readings, as a result of the new meters.  

Our hope is that you will be pleased with the performance and that it gives you the ability to know what you’re spending and how.  It puts you in control of your water usage.