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Monitor Your Own Water Usage

Dear PWSD #1 Customer:

We hope this letter finds you well. As you may know, all customers received new satellite-read meters last fall, at no cost to you. Now, we are excited to inform you about a new and innovative tool that we believe will significantly enhance your experience with those new meters – the EyeOnWater website and mobile application! In our continuous efforts to provide you with the best service and empower you with valuable information, EyeOnWater has been designed to offer a user-friendly platform for monitoring and managing your own water usage more efficiently.

To take advantage of this exciting development, we invite you to sign-up for an account on the EyeOnWater platform. The enclosed document provides clear and simple instructions on how to complete the registration process. Once registered, you will have access to a wealth of information about your water consumption, enabling you to make informed decisions to conserve water and manage your utility costs effectively.

We understand that navigating a new platform can be challenging, so the enclosed guide also includes detailed instructions on how to read and understand the information provided on EyeOnWater. We believe this tool will not only empower you to monitor your water usage but also contribute to our collective efforts in promoting sustainability and responsible resource management. Thank you for being a valued customer, and we look forward to your positive experience with the EyeOnWater platform.

Best regards,

Christine Spurlock, Administrator

Enclosures:  “Creating an Account”

                          “EyeOnWater Guide”


 PWSD #1 Board Members


   Brent Trankler, President       (573) 576-5778                 Westview

   Sandy Sitzes, Secretary          (573) 380-8048                Salcedo Road/Hwy Y

   Joe Towe, Board Member      (573) 258-0196                  Tanner

   Randy Box, Board Member    (573) 380-9645                Ridgeview

   Jon Turner, Board Member   (573) 620-0599                Salcedo